The Rocky Mountain Heiress Collection by Kathleen Y'Barbo ~ Please Rank Our Review

The Rocky Mountain Heiress Collection: Three Inspirational Romances: The Confidential Life of Eugenia Cooper, Anna Finch and the Hired Gun, The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck
Faye and Lucie's Review: Ms. Y'Barbo brings love and laughter together in this fun collection of women who find love out west.

An excellent collection of light-hearted read, with plenty of laughs and romance along the way! I personally love an good read that sets me smiling, and is just plain fun, and this lovely collection by Kathleen Y'Barbo certainly fit the bill as just that kind of read.

I loved how the characters interacted naturally, and how building relationship wasn't always smooth sailing that's for sure!
I really liked how the characters all interacted with each other, whether it was a tender moment, the sparks were flying. or if it was a feisty argument. I thought that the dialogue was well done.

I know that not everyone likes to read about larger-than-life characters, but personally, they are my favorite! This was the kind of book that I could just relax to, and have fun reading.

Overall, a delightful trilogy of novels that I would most definitely recommend to someone who is looking for a fun lighthearted read, full of adventure, romance, and laughter :)

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for and honest review. Thank you!


  1. Hey Faye, I love larger-than-life characters too! Really had to say that. ;) Go girl! You're not alone. :) Ranked you 5 stars.

    1. Thanks so much, Miranda! They are so much fun, just so much adventure in one person sometimes :)


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