The Winnowing Season by Cindy Woodsmall ~ Review

The Winnowing Season (Amish Vines and Orchards, #2)

Lucie's review: 

Rhoda Byler has a hard row to hoe, treated as an outcast by her community, she has finally found friendship and understanding from the King brothers, Jacob and Samuel. But on the night before a small group within their community leaves for Maine to start another colony, trouble rises its ugly head again forcing Rhoda to defend herself against the community's accusations.

Having not already read the first book in the series, I found myself a little confused, but I soon figured out what was going on. So with that in mind I would definitely recommend reading this series in order!

At times this book was hard to read, because of the how harsh the community was to Rhoda, and how they didn't even try to be understanding, but instead strived to entrap her. I felt so bad for Rhoda and everything that they put her through, yet I admired her strength for enduring their cruelty.

There was definitely a lot of drama in this book, with loyalties being tested emotions ran high. I loved how Rhoda still managed to not overreact and deal the best that she could with the situations as they came. And Samuel and Rhoda grew so much spiritually over the course the book, I liked the surprise twists that the plot took as well.

The one thing that I didn't like was that this book left me with a cliffhanger, so now I simply must read the next book, soon!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, thank you!


  1. Faye, I know EXACTLY how you feel! I found myself searching for the release date of the next book. And when I learned it's in September, I was so sad. I highly recommend you read the first book, A Season For Tending, it's really good!

    You're ranked! ;)

  2. Thanks so much!

    I just heard that they bumped the release date up to August! Yay!


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