Summerset Abbey by T.J. Brown ~ Review

Summerset Abbey (Summerset Abbey, #1)                                                    

My Review: I loved it!

Prudence, Victoria, and Rowena are three young ladies who find their life horribly disrupted upon the death of Sir Philip Buxton.
Prudence is forced to face her parentage, Rowena struggles to keep control of what was once theirs, while Victoria searches for answers to their cloaked past.
Each of them experiences more than they bargained for at Summerset Abbey.

Definitely a book written for the fans of Downton Abbey, with a great representation of the two different worlds within one household, with the upstairs and downstairs. I loved how well Ms. Brown's writing style blended with this era, it was so perfect for the tone and plot of the story.

I think that my favorite character was probably Victoria, because she was willing to go out there and find answers, she wasn't the typical lady and she wasn't counting on her wealth and title to define her. All of the characters were well developed and brought to life, even the side characters. Prudence and Rowena were also great heroines, and I understood their logic in why they did what they did. Andrew was a loyal friend to Prudence through everything, and I liked how he was humble with big dreams!

As for content, this was a pretty clean book. Sometimes I don't know what to expect when picking up a new book, but this one surprised me pleasantly. The only thing I will mention is that I counted four instances of swearing, but that was it. The tales of scandal were told with minimal detail,  yet just enough so that you knew what probably happened.

Overall, a well written and entertaining read, with admirable heroines, and a riveting plot (I thought I had it all figured out since the beginning--but I didn't! Talk about red herrings!) There were also love triangles, and plenty of romance! A book I immensely enjoyed, I would totally read the sequels if I could get my hands on them!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!


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