The Matchmaker Brides Collection by Kim Vogel Sawyer, Amanda Cabot, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, Lisa Carter, Ramona K Cecil, Lynn A Coleman, Susan Dietze, Connie Stevens & Liz Tolsma ~ Review

The Matchmaker Brides Collection: Nine Matchmakers Have the Tables of Romance Turned on Them
Lucie's Review:

The Homegrown Bride Emmie stays behind when her family moves to Kansas to help her grandmother run the boarding house. She plays matchmaker for their bachelor boarders. But her head can't help but turn when Landon Knipp moves to town to open a store, as their paths cross they form a friendship, and perhaps more.

The Unmatched Bride is probably one of my favorites. Deborah is hired by Robert to sort through his daughter, Emily's many suitors, many of whom are after his fortune. But as Deborah helps them, Emily turns the tables and plays matchmaker as well!

Playing Possum Thea and Cage are childhood friends who pretend to be engaged to avoid the hapless matchmaking schemes of the Possum Trot Matchmakers. But as they spend time together, they wonder if maybe their engagement shouldn't be just pretend.

Hog Trough Bride Rose doesn't want her sister Violet to have to dance in the hog trough, so she tries to set her up with their neighbor, but ends up spending more time with him than her sister!

The Tinman's Match Xander is a tinsmith who travels the area plying his trade, and often in his travels he meets men who would like to be married, and women of  a similar bent. So began to match make, being careful in his pairings, but when he finds a match for Sarah, her cousin Jo, insists on coming with to make sure that she approves of the match. Xander and Jo butt heads over most things, but throughout the journey, they begin to find that their differences aren't so vast after all.

Miss Matched Mitch is a doctor, who joins Grace's father's practice, he is a man of integrity and faith who prays for each of his patients. Grace has been assisting her father for years, and is a supporter of the scientific method, so she comes up with a method for matchmaking her friends. Full of humor, this was a fun read from the start.

The Backfired Bride Jared and Lyla are childhood friends set on leaving their hometown, but they worrying about their family, Jared's father, and Lyla's aunt. So they come up with a plan to try to get them together, meanwhile Jared's father thinks that Jared and Lyla are the ones that should be together. A sweet humorous story.

Sing of the Mercy Sarah is a cook who sings while she works at the Hash House. Quinn is the newly elected mayor of the gold mining town in SD, and he wants to make the town respectable for families. So he enlists Sarah to help him find potential brides for the miners, and to help teach the miners some manners. I loved Quinn and how he goes out of his way to help the citizens of the small town.

A Match Made in Heaven  Len is the new pastor in town, and after the news paper features him in an article, he starts getting letters from all over the country asking for help finding a mate. He enlists Cora's help, and they begin to try matchmaking for each with hilarious results.

Overall, this was a wonderful collection, full of humor, and great storylines. There were very creative premises, and I loved reading and trying to figure out how it was going to work out in the end. I think some of my favorite ones were when the tables got turned on the matchmakers :) I wonderful read, enjoyable to the last.

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