The Peasant's Dream by Melanie Dickerson ~ Review

My Review:

A duke's daughter, Adela fights for the chance to fall in love with a worthy man of her own choosing.

The eleventh and final installment in the Hagenheim Saga, follows Adela the youngest daughter of the the Duke of Hagenheim, she is artistically gifted, with an eye for color and beauty. She meets a kindred spirit in the marketplatz, a talented woodcarver, Frederick. Though engaged in a courtship with a neighboring member of the nobility, she can't help but be drawn to Frederick, who understands the way that she sees the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet, wholesome story of sacrifice and friendship. I liked how Adela has learned from observing her family members, yet isn't afraid to make her own way, and she's alright if that doesn't mean strapping on a sword or bow. She is thoughtful and kind, and I liked how her parents take time to listen to her and respect her judgements, while still being protective of her.

Frederick is a noble son, caring for his family, and working hard on his family's farm. He does his best to protect his mother and sisters from their father's drunken behaviour. I loved his strong moral compass, and his heart for putting others first. He is probably one of my favorite heroes in this series, because though humble of birth and situation, that didn't matter, he still fought for what was right.

This was an engaging read, and I loved the strong themes of family and faith, along with well developed side characters and storylines, secrets and character development. I really appreciated this story, with a thoughtful heroine who stands up for herself but also doesn't need to take up a weapon. Well written and a fitting conclusion to this memorable series--though I'm against Toby popping up somewhere in the future! 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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