The Rose of Winslow Street by Elizabeth Camden ~ Review

My Review:

A titled family from Romania lays claim to Libby Sawyer's home, starting a legal battle that threatens to tear her heart apart.

Engrossing, and highly enjoyable read from one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Camden. There is so much to love about this book. Libby is a strong, kind-hearted, yet vulnerable character, I loved her empathy for the Michael's family even though they are pitted against each other. Libby is a beautifully unique and relatable heroine, ostracized by the town, she is a fantastic protagonist.

This book also has some stellar supporting characters, like the children of this story, who were so bright with curiosity and love of learning. Mirela is a mysterious, but incredibly strong young woman, and I love her relationship with Michael. Michael is a very protective and straightforward, common sense man, he wants to fix things, and take care of his loved ones, yet he is also one of the most tender people in the whole book. I like how he doesn't let Libby feed into her insecurities.

I also really liked the complexities of Libby's relationship with her father, it isn't black and white, and I love that realness.

This book is a very engaging read, and I loved how the characters would never be entirely how I had pegged them from the start. This book has some of the most memorable characters, and I loved the surprising twists that this story took along the way. Strong themes of family. I highly recommend this wonderfully entertaining, memorable read about the ties of family and love.

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