Along a Storied Trail by Ann H. Gabhart // Review

My Review:
Set up high in Appalachia during the depression comes a heartwarming tale of love and family.

Tansy Calhoun has found her dream job supporting her family as packhorse librarian, sharing her love of reading with those in her community, as hard times draw them even closer. Caleb Barton is back to help his family after the death of his brother and years working with the CCC. In the past his feelings have been misinterpreted but do his hopes have a chance against his mother's solutions?

A pleasant and enjoyable read set in the beautiful Appalachians, during the Great Depression, which is one of my favorite places and times to read about. The story takes its time wending its way through the characters and their various situations, I especially liked sweet little Coralee, how she soothes the way for others, helping out where she can, and her friendship with Aunt Perdita.

Caleb is a responsible man, always ready to help out, but I also liked that he showed his backbone and put this foot down when people tried to push him too far.  

Overall, this was a great read with a full cast of intriguing characters that I came to care for over the course of the book. The pacing was slower than I was used to, and there were times when I felt that the plot was predictable, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I definitely could see where it was ultimately headed. I loved the slow build friendships and relationships, this was a heartwarming read of faith, family and friendship. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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