On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor by Jaime Jo Wright // Review

My Review:
A chilling dual-timeline tale of secrets, treasure, betrayal, and love.

Kailey Gibson returns to Foxglove Manor, a place that holds the key to her painful childhood, alongside her brother Jude who has a brilliant mind for pattern and sequences. 

In 1885 Adria Fontaine, at war with her own demons, has been sentenced to Foxglove Manor to search for her infamous father's stolen treasure. But an uneasy presence hangs over the manor, can she escape the darkness with her life?

A highly entertaining and deliciously gothic timeslip novel that skillfully weaves together dual timelines centering around the enigmatic Foxglove Manor which in the present day has been turned into an old folk's home. This book's skillful twists had me guessing until the end, I didn't want to put it down! Mr. Crayne is the perfect tortured hero, noble in an unconventional way, amidst fighting for his own soul, I never thought that I would find myself liking him so much!

Kailey is a strong heroine, she has had to be. I loved her relationship with her brother, Jude, how she is protective of him and sees him as an equal when others don't. Jude is a brilliant man who sees things that others can't, making sense out of chaos. 

The author did an excellent job throughout of dealing with difficult topics like addiction, suicide, trauma, as well as questioning and doubting. Axel is a man of few words, but strong faith and I liked how he was there for Kailey throughout their ordeal. 

Overall, a beautiful, twisting and at times chillingly gothic tale of greed and secrets. Nobody does this genre like Jaime Jo Wright, who had me equally engaged in both of the timelines and hanging on tight trying to make the connections. A brilliant tale of murder and mystery, On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor. Highly recommend!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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