Under the Magnolias by T.I. Lowe // Review


A powerful Southern coming of age tale that follows Austin Foster a teenager in the 1980's fighting to keep her family together in the shadow of her father's darkness. 

Told in the first person perspective we follow Austin and her family through the years as they struggle to keep everything afloat. The darker moments are well balanced with humor that shines even through the heartache. A full cast of colorful characters add heart and depth, I think that the author did an excellent job of showing the different ways that each of the siblings coped with their constant state of crisis. 

Vance is a bright spot in Austin's life, always trying to be a constant in her tumultuous surroundings. 

This is a well written book that deals with the toll that mental illness takes not only on the person who is ill, but also the family suffering alongside.  I enjoyed the characters of Foxy, Jinx, Waylynn, Morty, Mrs. Wise, and so many more! A beautiful yet heartbreaking, raw and tender coming of age story of loss, love, and living in the shadow of darkness. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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