Georgana's Secret by Arlem Hawks // Review

My Review:

Gripping read, with instantly likable characters, terrific chemistry, and engaging plotline that had me entranced until the very end. 

Lt. Dominic Peyton has forgone a promotion in order to keep a steady paycheck coming to support his mother. He signs on with the HMS Deborah under Capt. Woodhull, befriending a timid cabin boy, taking "George" under his wing.

Georgana "George" Woodhull has spent the last three years at sea, longing for more, but afraid to go back to what she left behind. But Peyton's friendship puts everything at risk. 

A compelling read with characters that you want to cheer for from the start. Peyton is a honorable man, who does his mother proud. He doesn't responsibilities lightly. I loved him for how he sees someone overlooked by many, and takes the time to offer kindness. 

The author realistically brings to life onboard a ship, with details that add to the flow of the story, as well as helping me understand the lives of the other characters. I liked how Capt. Woodhull is always trying to protect Georgana, even if his methods aren't conventional, he truly wants what is best for her. I loved how Georgana came to life under Lt Peyton's friendship, and how he helps her grow in confidence. And the chemistry was just perfect! 

Overall, a completely enjoyable read from beginning to end, with fantastic characters, excellent pacing, plotting, well researched, and phenomenal chemistry that brought a smile to my face. A wholly satisfying read, that had me rooting for it all to work out in the end. Definitely recommend this amazing historical romance set on the high seas during the Napoleonic Wars!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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