Roots of Wood and Stone by Amanda Wen // Review

My Review:

Sloane Kelley always wondered about her past, abandoned and adopted as a baby, she has devoted herself to preserving other people's stories. But when a man comes to the museum with a suitcase of antiques, Sloane finds herself drawn to the story of Annabelle Collins, a woman 150 years ago, who worked to carved out a life for herself and her family in Sedgwick County.

A beautiful split time novel, with two engaging storylines that drew me into the struggles Sloane, Garrett, and Annabelle. I loved the powerful message of hope and providence by God's grace. I think that my favorite character was Garrett, I related to being a planner and not liking to take risks. I liked the relationship between him and his sister, Lauren, and how they are both devoted to their grandmother. 

I loved the "snapshots" of Annabelle's life, following her through the decades and through life's seasons. Though, as an adoptee myself I struggled the most to relate to Sloane, though I completely understand and respect that many people do feel similarly. 

 This is a powerful read, compelling, quietly building and laying a strong foundation, with great payoff when it all comes together. I'm excited to read more in this series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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