Warlords of Nin by Stephen R. Lawhead ~ Review

The Warlords of Nin (The Dragon King, Book 2)

My Review: One of my favorites from Mr. Lawhead.

Picking up right where In the Hall of the Dragon King  left off, this seconded installment follows the young king, Quentin, and his faithful companion and friend, Tolli as they get ready to face their biggest challenge so far. The Wolf star is rising, prophesying the end of the age, and with it comes The Warlords of Nin, the sinister Hun-like invaders with no mercy for innocents and their pagan religion. Quentin must do all he can to fight against the coming invasion, with truth as justice as his weapons, and his faith in The Most High God. The land of Mensandor will never be the same.

This is one of my favorite series, it has everything a good Christian Fantasy should have, admirable heroes who fight for truth and put their trust in the Lord, action, knights, and a touch of allegory. Even  my teenage brother is a fan of this series, and he is a bit of a picky reader, I'm constantly trying to find good books that my brother would enjoy and this on was a winner. Mr. Lawhead writes with a classic touch, and sense of detail that weaves the story together, and makes the world of Mensandor come alive in all it's lush glory. 
My brother is a huge fantasy fan, but it's hard to find books that are Biblically correct, and don't have some strange tidbits that I can't help but question,  The Warlords of Nin is not  one of those books. 

I know that this book isn't for everyone as there are scenes of violence, that some might find disturbing, though they are in the middle of a war and gruesome things are common when on a battlefield or in cases of torture. I especially appreciated the strong faith element and watching Quentin's faith grow as he strove toward making following God the most important thing in his life. This is a book that I would highly recommend for fantasy lovers and the teen guys, like my brother who love action, knights, and a very minimum of romance (seriously, there isn't much :) Thanks.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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