It Could Happen Tomorrow by Gary Frazier ~ Review

It Could Happen Tomorrow: Future Events that Will Shake the World
My Review: A book that will make you think!

Bible prophecy might not be as complicated as you may think.
"What's that?" You say. It's true. Alot of the things that make Bible prophecy hard to understand occur when people try to squeeze their own preconceived ideas into the Bible rather than take it as written. Along with debunking end time myths, Mr. Fraizier defends the traditional end time scale, with well thought out arguments as well as offers theories of his own.

I really liked how well thought out this book is, and how Mr. Fraizier makes a clear distinction between what his personal theories are and what the Bible says. I loved how this book really challenged me think and to ask myself, am I living like It Could Happen Tomorrow? I really liked how this book encourages a sense of urgency, and push to spread the Gospel. It was also awesome to learn about some under-the-table deals going on all over the world that aren't reported on in the US media. I closed this book feeling informed and passionate to spread the Gospel.

One thing I will mention is that parts of this book are just the author saying what he thinks could happen, not necessarily what will happen. And though I don't fully believe in all of his theories, I do think that they are pretty accurate, as to the possibilities of what could happen. And it will totally give you lots to chew on, and think about. I think one of the things that really hit me is how people are trying to erode and change what we believe about the end times, by saying that things are in the Bible that aren't really there. And that is so dangerous!

Overall I would highly recommend this book because it was both challenging and easy to read, written in a conversational tone, which when added with the topic makes it impossible to put down. It's a book that I would peg as Biblically sound. I normally wouldn't pick up an end time book book because of how it might end up being against my beliefs, but since this one is from the same publisher that puts out all the Answers in Genesis stuff, I gave it a shot and I'm glad I did :)

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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