Happy Monday!

Hey there! I've been thinking about how long it's been since I just slowed down and said, "Hi" to all of ya'll, and it's been a long time!

School's been going good, I've been suffering through Calculus, and I can tell you right now that I'm not going to be taking a second year of it. And I'm really enjoying learning about government this year, especially with the elections taking place this fall. It's been cool learning about how it works and why we have some of the quirks in our government that we do, most of them are the result of compromises, some good some bad.

Our Easter break from AWANA began this last Wednesday, and it will be strange not having it this next week. We just finish up a huge fundraiser to sponsor children in wartorn countries, and we'll know if it was a sucess when AWANA starts up again.

I've been keeping busy, "reading as always," as my friends like to joke. The other day our family went down a few miles south to pick up a cow. A dead cow in the form of meat, that is. Because we like our beef grassfed. Natural. Well, since we bought a cow, we had to buy a new freezer, and what an adventure that was! Not the kind of adventure that you might suppose but it involved alot of mind changing and going to tons of Home Inprovement stores. But now our meat is safe and sound.

Enough about that.

Besides that my brother has discovered a new favorite song, something that he tends to do on a bi-weekly basis. Here's a look at his favorite song, as a country music fan I totally "get" this parody, it made be laugh so hard I had to watch it twice. It's a spoof on Jason Aldean's hits Dirt Road Anthem & Big Green Tractor.

Besides that hmmm...I haven't been up to all that much. What about you?


  1. It's great to catch up with you, Faye. That song is funny! It reminds me of something my brothers would like. I think its smart to buy grassfed beef. Unfortunately, so much of what you find in the grocery store has been tampered with.

    I've been re-prioritizing in order to get serious with my manuscript edits. Fun. Fun. :-)

  2. It is definitely a song for brothers, then :)
    Yes, we think so too. It's great because I have 2 uncles who are ranchers and try to keep their beef pretty natural. So sad how they have to mess with a good thing.

    How exciting! I wish you all the best with your editing :) Thanks for chatting!


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