Love on the Range by Jessica Nelson ~ Review

Love on the Range
Lucie's Review:  A fresh western read.

Gracelyn Riley is a socialite from the big city, who dreams of becoming a reportor, and sees being sent off to her uncle's Oregon ranch as a prime opportunity to get an exclusive interview with the elusive hero, Striker.
Trevor Cruz, is a rancher with a secret alter-ego, who knows that Gracie's snooping might just get her into big trouble. And he intends to keep her as far away from trouble as he can.

This is, in my opinion, one of the best Love Inspired's I have ever read. It's a western, with a seemingly typical premise of City Girl meets Cowboy, but that's where the cliches end. Gracie was a really likable character, with a strong faith that carried her through alot of tough situations, she came off as sort of an everygirl, even though she came from a wealthy family.

The way that the characters interacted was really well done, and  I LOVED the way that Trevor proposed! The reason I liked their interaction was probably because they didn't freak out in each other's presence, they were very calm and treated each other like normal people. And the characters didn't jump to any really crazy assumptions.

Overall, a very well written story, with great characters. And I totally recommend reading this book because the ending was super cute!

"Lucie's Reviews" are written by my mother, who is by the way a huge Love Inspired Historicals fan! I won this book off of a blog, so there was no review requirement :)


  1. Great review. I am going to tweet it - Thanks Lucie and Faye. I'm looking forward to this one...I'll purchase the kindle version because it was out at my store!
    Jessica is a sweetheart. I'm so happy for this successful debut!

    1. Thanks! And maybe if I can find the time I'll be able to read it as well, she keeps telling me that I'd like it!
      Yes, I will certainly be looking out for her next book.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. What a wonderful review! Thank you so much. :-)


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