The Quakers of New Garden by Claire Sanders, Ann E. Schrock, Jennifer Hudson Taylor & Susette Williams ~ Review

The Quakers of New Garden
My Review: We've read about the Amish, now here come the Quakers!

This collection follows the Wall family through the generations, as their Quaker faith is challenged and the time marches swiftly on.

Not to say that the other stories weren't great as well, but my favorite was the first one in the collection. Maybe it's my fascination with politics, or just that I liked the colonial time period, or maybe I liked the idea of a young man trying desperately to win back his true love after postponing their wedding one too many times!

The other stories were also good, with one about an Underground Railroad, and a hero who did a total turn around, and became a wonderful upstanding man. And another about an arranged marriage in the turmoil of the Civil War, and another one set in modern days that gave me a rare peek into what being a Quaker means today!

As is often the tough thing with novellas I felt that the stories ended all too soon. And I wish that some of the stories had been longer, and had a bit more of a story progression. But then again, I love the convenience of the shortness of the stories.

Overall, I will say that it is always a struggle to write a review of a novella collection and do each novelette justice, but this was an interesting read and I learned alot about the Quakers, even though I didn't agree with some of their traditions and beliefs. This was an absolutely lovely novella collection, though and I would recommend it to Amish Fiction fans who might be looking for a little something different :)

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. Thanks.


  1. Glad you enjoyed Jennifer Hudson Taylor's novella in the collection, Faye! Checked your FB and email messages for a special request from Colonial Quills, where Jennifer is a contributor!



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