A Perfect Word for every Occassion by Liz Dockworth ~ Review

A Perfect Word for Every Occasion: Ideal for: Letters, Receiving Lines, Facebook, Emails, Thank You Notes, Condolences. . . and Much More
My Review: A fun helper to have int hand when writing cards and letters :)

My birthday was just a little while ago and I found this book very helpful in writing Thank You cards. There were many great suggestions and great thoughts, I liked how I was able to sort of mix and match phrases and sentiments into the perfect little note.

I also really liked the suggestions for Bible verses for a multitude of different occassions from graduations to births. One of the chapter that I found to be intriguing, though I haven't tried it out and hope I don't have to anytime soon, is the section on how to write a sympathy card, which I have always found the most challenging of all things to write, and I thought it had many helpful ideas and suggestions.

Overall, a helpful guide that was really handy as I was writing Thank You cards this last birthday. :)

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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