Time and Again: Charlotte of Miles Station by Deborah Heal ~ Review

Time and Again: Charlotte of Miles Station
My Review: A book that kept a smile on my face :)

Abby is a college student who takes a job as a Summer tutor to a difficult young student, named Merrideth. Abby works to win Merrideth over, and together they discover a mysterious computer program that might just have some of the answers they are looking for and so much more...

Time and Again is an engaging read, that is well paced, with a great message. I really came to love so many of the characters, especially Abby and Merrideth.

Abby was a great main character and I loved how dedicated she was to doing her job and helping Merrideth. Merrideth was a character I really enjoyed because I wasn't sure what exactly to think of her when I was first "introduced" to her but eventually she worming her way into my heart.

I loved how Abby and Merrideth had tons of fun adventures and made new friends, like Michael, who was a really cute little boy.

Overall, this was a well written tale that had me smiling pretty much the whole way through, it was a fun read, and I really liked Ms. Heal's writing style. The characters were well, done and I thought there were some really great messages in the story. In my opinion, this book would be perfect for tweens ages 8-12, though people older or younger can also really appreciate it :)  A time traveling adventure that is encouraging and uplifting, and highly enjoyable.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!


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