Whispers in the Wind by Lauraine Snelling ~ Review

Whispers in the Wind

Lucie's Review:

Cassie has finally at the ranch her father told her about, and when she arrives she get's a luke-warm welcome. Ransom is frustrated that he must not only share the ranch that he has worked for with his siblings, but with this newcomer, Cassie Lockwood.

This was a rather interesting read, though for me it just didn't have enough to the actual plot, time moved slowly and there didn't seem to be a ton of things going on.

There was good character development and I could see why Ransom would feel the way that he did, after all he was practically the only one putting anything into the ranch, and here comes a girl that he finds he has the share it with. I really liked Ransom's mother, and thought that she was a nice woman. And I wasn't really sure what to think of Lucas's infatuation with Cassie.

Overall for me, this just wasn't my kind of book. It was very well written, but the pace was slow and there wasn't alot going on. So for me personally this wasn't my kind of book.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest. Thanks!


  1. This one doesn't seem like it would be my cup of tea, either. But I have to say, the name "Ransom" is just plain wizard.


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