Unclaimed Legacy by Deborah Heal ~ Review

Unclaimed Legacy (Time and Again, #2)
My Review: Another time surfing adventure with Abby, Merri, John who use the mysterious computer program to solve a crime from years gone by.

Merri and Abby, along with John, are back and time surfing, in this all new adventure and this time they are determined to clear the name of a man accused of a crime many years ago.

I really liked this story and how it picked up not too long after the first book left off. I really liked the character of John because he was just so kind and respectful in the way that he treated Abby, and showed how much he cared about her, plus he was a great character in the first book and I loved that he was more prominate in this second installment. I really liked how in this story I got to see more of Miles Station, and learn more about the people in the town. I guess what I missed about this book, was that Michael wasn't really in it, and I had really liked him from the first book and was hoping to see more of him. So I'm hoping that he'll show up alot more in the third book :)

Overall, a great book for tweens, with a fun plot and well developed characters. I liked how in this book I could see how Merri was changing and growing still, even though the change wasn't as dramatic as in the first book, bust she's on her way :) This was  a fun and engaging book to read, that can be enjoyed by a variety of ages, depending what you are in the mood for :) A great, fun read!

I received this book from Deborah Heal in return for an honest review. Thank you!


  1. Thanks for the great review. I hadn't planned for Michael to show up in book three, but hey, who knows! Actually, I've been missing Mrs. Arnold too. I hope you and your readers will stop by my website from time to time to catch up on how book three is coming along.

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  3. You are so welcome! I be sure to stop by your website soon :)


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