The Rake's Redemption by Regina Scott ~ Review

The Rake's Redemption

Lucie's Review:

Vaughn Everard is on a quest to find the truth about his beloved uncle's death.
Imogene is the daughter of the man who holds the secret to Vaughn's uncle's death. But the more they look into it the more suspicious Imogene's father looks. Can Imogene and Vaughn find love amidst this mystery?

Regina Scott has penned a riveting regency romance, with plenty of mystery and intrigue!
The was always plenty going on in this third installment in The Everard Legacy, which definitely kept me reading. While you don't have to read the two previous books in the series, reading the other books in teh series built up the anticipation for this book, and definitely made me appreciate it much more.

Overall, this book is full of action and intrigue with plenty of duels and romance. The characters were well developed and interacted well with each other, and developed a solid relationship. There was a kind of full feeling about this book because of the setting, backstory, and many side characters. A great additions to the Everard Legacy!

I received an ebook of this book in return for an honest review. Thanks!

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