Here's an Update

I don't know about you but I've been pretty busy this summer, working, visiting relatives, attending a cousin's wedding, getting ready for school, going to a Josh Turner concert, spending time with friends, and blogging, I can't believe summer is almost over!

But the impending end of summer isn't all bad, though there are some serious drawbacks, like having to go back to school (for those of you who don't will be completing my second year of Dental Assisting training this coming fall and spring). But there are many perks to it as well, such as the return of my favorite TV shows like Doctor Who for one ;) It will be a busy nine months to say the least, as I will be juggling my part-time job, school, AWANA, blogging, choir, and hopefully still making time for friends and reading :)

As far as I know I will still be blogging, but right now I'm playing it my ear, as I've already got a handful of titles set for review this September as well as a fun giveaway that may be in the works :)

So in anticipation of my future crazy schedule I am challenging myself to a 12hr reading challenge to see how many books I can knock off of my currently-reading pile, would you believe that I am in the middle of 5 right now?

I will post an update sometime during the challenge and then again afterwards. Tomorrow you will probably see some reviews as a result :)

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