Hey there ya'lll :)

Since I don't have a book review today, (it's tomorrow), I decided to stop on in today and tell you what I've been doing this rather cold fall season. First as I mentioned before it's rather cold! One week it we were sweating and the next we were grabbing our winter jackets!
To be completely honest I have not had much time for writing, but I manage a measly 300 words a week. But life has been good. I'm still volunteering at my church by helping with the AWANA program, in SPARKS. And I'm still in TBQ, this year we're memorizing the book(s) of Hebrews and 1st & 2nd Peter. Thankfully I have teammates to split the memorizing duties with :) Added to my already busy schedule are monthly TBQ meets, which are small, but still great.
I'm in choir again this year, which is always a blast. This year the theme is Disney/Sound of Music, not to mention a bit of Latin and folk music!
Contrary to popular belief, being homeschooled does not mean I have scads of time laying about. So I keep myself VERY busy :)
Well, it was nice dropping by and saying "hi." Thanks!


  1. Fun to learn more about you, Faye! :) Last year I was an assistant leader for a Sparkies group at Awana as part of my church service requirement for graduating. Those Sparkies are just too cute - troublemakers and all! ;) Don't they just brighten your day?

    Also, when I was in high school I participated in a choir that was mostly made up of home-schoolers - I was one of the odd men (or in this case, women) out because I went to a public high school. ;) I loved that group - it's called "Messiah" - and I made such great memories. :) Sounds like quite an interesting variety of music your choir is singing this fall!


  2. Yes, Sparks is amazing! I've been working with them for five years now and I just love listening to their verses, and seeing their faces light up when they get it right. They definitely do indeed!

    I grew up counting the days till Wednesday so I could say my verses to my leader :)

    Fun! Yes, choir is so good for that. And the music is so much fun! I never imagined I would be singing "You Ain't Never had a Friend Like Me," from Aladdin, right after "Agnus Dei"! But it keeps the audience awake ;)

    Thanks Amber, for dropping by!


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