Forsaking All Others by Allison Pittman ~ Review

Forsaking All Others by Allison Pittman: Book Cover

My Review: A riveting novel that was hard to read, yet hard to put down.

Forsaking All Others is the heart-rending tale of Camilla Fox, a strong woman who leaves the Mormon faith and finds truth through the Lord Jesus Christ. But  in the process, she is forced to leave her children behind. Determined to rescue her children from the false teachings of the Mormons, she relies on her new found faith in Jesus Christ, to see her through. When faced with the option of going back, will her faith stay strong? And will she ever see her beautiful daughters again? And what about the honorable Colonel Brandon?

Well written and emotionally engaging, Forsaking All Others is a book that I enjoyed immensely and I think others will too. The first person narrative made Camilla's struggles really come to life, in an understandable and heart touching way. The characters were so well done. Ms. Pittman showed how many Mormon really just wanted to please God, but were tragically mislead by a fallible human. And how terribly lost they were, yet they didn't realize it. The side characters are what really made this book feel real, and how they all reacted differently to the situations.

It was so heartbreaking to read the chapters where staunch Mormons were defending their religion, and how the characters geniunely believed the lies that they had been told countless times. And that's why it was so hard to read. But in the other hand as things went from bad to worse, and back again, I keep the pages turning steadily because I simply HAD to find out what happened to Camilla next. Because I couldn't possible leave her where she was!

Overall this book was emotionally strong, and so well-written. The characters came alive in my head, and the story gripped me to the end.Though I think that Forsaking All Others would be more meaningful if its prequel was read first, I had no problem just jumping into the second book :)

Final Rating: 5 out of 5

ISBN: 978-1-4143-3597-1
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I received this book from Tyndale Publishers for free in return for and honest reivew. The opinions expressed here are my own. Thanks :)


  1. Sounds like a great book. I'm looking forward to reading it!


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