Fit to Be Tied by Robin Lee Hatcher ~ Review

Fit to Be Tied (Sisters of Bethlehem Springs Series #2) by Robin Lee Hatcher: Book Cover 

My Review: Opposites attract, and sparks fly in Bethlehem Springs, Idaho, between cowgirl Cleo and English aristocrat, Lord Sherwood Statham.

 When Sherwood "Woody" Statham, the wastrel 4th son of a duke, displeases his father with this latest string of bad choices, his father decides that enough is a enough. So he puts Sherwood on a boat to America to work on a ranch.

What Sherwood isn't expecting is to meet a girl like Cleopatra Arlington. Tough as nails, a girl who can rope and ride with the best of them, Cleo is as different from her twin sister, Gwen as she can be. Will Cleo realize that who she is, is enough?

Another lovely read from Robin Lee Hatcher. Cleo was my favorite character in A Vote of Confidence, so I was really excited to read a book all about her--and Sherwood Statham. I enjoyed the ranch setting, charming characters, and this is my favorite of the series so far :)

Fit to be Tied is a really fun book, I think that the book balanced out and the characters were just the right depth, for the plot. The sparks fly, and so much of Cleo and "Woody's" exchanges happen with meaningful looks, and expressions. The chemistry flowed well, and "Woody" was a nice rounded character, and even though he was the rogue, he was amazingly likable.

The pages turned steadily, and it was a very enjoyable, and fun read.

Overall, I loved how the story unfolded and I came to like "Woody" more and more. He is  a character who grows on you. And by the mid-way point, or somewhere before then you find yourself cheering him on. A lovely book by Ms. Hatcher, that I would recommend to someone who likes a good western romance, where sparks fly and characters grow. Thanks :)

Final Rating: 4.25 out of 5

ISBN: 978-0-310-25806-3

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Thanks to Zondervan Publishers for providing me with a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.


  1. I've had this one waiting on my shelf for awhile now. I need to hurry up and read it! :)

  2. You'll like it, I think :)

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