Revenge of the Red Knight by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker ~ Review

Revenge of the Red Knight
My Review: Medieval adventure awaits through the Imagination Station!

Patrick and Beth take an adventure into Medieval times when they are in the midst of a series of adventures they are accused of being theives and cast into the dungeon! Will they escape and be able to safe the day?

I think this one was my favorite mostly because I really like books set in the time of knights and kings. These books are just fun, filled with great interwoven historical details, (though keep in mind that these books are aimed at beginning readers.

I love how these books are easy to read and understand without too many big words, perfect for the child who has just graduated from I-can-read books. The print is big and the adventure is high. Kids who like Adventures in Odyssey will like them even more!

Overall a great kid's read, not something I would typically read, but being a church library assistant I like knowing what the kids are reading. And I think that this series is a winner :)

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