Cold Aim by Janice Cantore ~ Review

Lucie's Review:

Police Chief Tess O'Rourke and her small town are still reeling from the fire that swept through leaving devastation in its wake.
Meanwhile the FBI asks Tess to shelter a witness in a high profile sex trafficking case, who might be the key to bring down the whole operation. When a clean up crew comes to Rogue's Hollow to help with the after effects of the fire, one of the new clean up crew members makes Tess uneasy. Will she be able to help catch the traffickers before it's too late?

Janice Cantore always delivers, and this is no different, bringing excitement to the small town of Rogue's Hollow once again. Tess has newly come to faith, and her friendship with Pastor Oliver is starting to become something more. She befriends tech genius and hermit, Livie after the fire.

Tess is dedicated to her job, at times she is head-strong and stubborn, she likes to do things for herself, and doesn't always ask for help when she could. She is strong and good at making heat of the moment decisions. I liked how her friendship with Oliver, and her faith have grown throughout this fantastic series. She is grounded and well-rounded person.

Oliver is a strong man of faith, he is a good listener, and tries to always give people a chance. He stands up to members of his congregation who don't approve of his relationship with Tess. He doesn't ever stop trying to help people and show them the love of God.

Livie is a very intelligent young woman, with strong convictions, who likes her solitude. She is very brave and steps out of her comfort zone to help Tess, and she starts talking to Oliver about difficult things in her life.

Overall, a thrilling and compelling read from beginning to end. Strong complex characters that you can cheer for the whole way through, fantastic plot, I loved returning to Rogue's Hollow yet again. An explosive conclusion to a heart pounding series, strong faith also is a big part of Tess and Oliver's life. Highly recommend the entire series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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