Loving Luther by Allison Pittman ~ Review

My Review:

Loving Luther follows young six-year-old Katharina von Bora from the time she is left in the care of the church, to taking her vows, eventually leaving convent life, becoming the woman whom Martin Luther would one day call his wife.

Told from Katharina's perspective, I liked how this book realistically showed her difficult situation and her sacrifices for her faith. Well researched, Ms. Pittman does an excellent job of capturing Katharina's experiences and imagining what it might have been like to face such uncertainty, yet still there is always flicker of hope that shines through.

Katharina struggles to adjust to her new life and leaving the convent means for her faith and the choices that she must make. The book covers many years of her life, contrasting her years at the convent with her newfound freedom on the outside.

Overall, a compelling read, based on the true story of Katharina von Bora the woman who would marry Martin Luther. I liked how it realistically showed the uncertainty of her future, and how she had risked much for her faith. Compelling, and filled with hope, a book that you won't soon forget.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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