Rose's Pledge by Sally Laity and Dianna Crawford ~ Review

Rose's Pledge

My Review: A tale set amidst the wilds of a young America.

Rose's family finds themselves in a financial predicament when a customer refuses to pay the large sum that he owes to their shop.
Rose takes matters into her own hands to protect her family, selling everything the family owns that is of value, and when that fails to be enough to pay off the debtor, finally selling herself as an indentured servant. Her sisters beg to come along with her, to start a new life in America.
Upon reaching America, the sisters are separated, each bound in a different direction. Rose is determined to work hard, and someday see her sisters again, but Rose's journey takes her far away from civilization with a group of traders. Along the way she meets Nate, a stubborn man, of honor and duty. What amazing adventures does this New World hold for Rose?

A fresh take on the indentured servant plot line, Rose's Pledge is a well written read, only gets better as it goes along. I found the story easy to follow, and I liked unexpected setting of the America wilderness, before the Revolutionary War.

My favorite character was Bob, because he was a man of truth and honor, who found his identity in Christ, and knew exactly who he was. Bob, was also pretty good at setting others right when they were headed down the wrong path :) I kinda wish Bob had been more prominent in the story and that some of the other other supporting characters had been a bit more developed, but then there weren't a whole lot of other characters walking around in the wilderness!

Overall, a great book, that wasn't quite what I was expecting, but that's OK. There were some times that were slow moving for me, mostly in the middle, but that's just my personal opinion. One of the things that I really liked about this story was how Rose made it very clear that a relationship with God was a requirement for a relationship with her. A great read.

Final Rating: 4

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

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