Reverb by Rachel Moschell ~ Review

Reverb (Story of CI, #2)My Review:

Alejo and Wara are now working together as partners in an organization known as CI. Alejo wants to prove to Wara that she can trust him after kidnapping her and killing the man that she loved.

Sent to discover the truth behind some controversial Iranian rock bands, Wara and Alejo might just have stumbled into more than they bargained for.

The second Story of CI, Reverb brings back Wara and Alejo, and also introduces to many new faces as they struggle to keep the faith under strict persecution.

I was surprised how different Reverb was from Prism in plot, story arch, sub-genre so if it wasn't for the main characters, this book could be a stand alone novel. The reason I would read Prism first is that it introduces us to Wara and Alejo, and it's the book that made me love them as characters, and explains their past and the hurdles that they overcame to get to where they are in Reverb.

I liked how Wara and Alejo's relationship grew and changed throughout the course of the book even though there were obvious reasons that they could have held against each other. There were many new characters that were interesting and at first a bit confusing, but now I'm pretty sure that the next book will have something to do with some if not all of them :) But I definitely want to know what Wara and Alejo will do next!

Overall, a pleasurable read, that at times could have been shorter, will definitely be reading the next one :)

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