The Face of Heaven by Murray Pura ~ Review

The Face of Heaven (Snapshots in History #2)My Review:

When Lyndel Keim finds two runaway slaves hiding in her family's barn she enlists the help of her brother and his best friends Nathaniel King. But when the community finds out, the result is shocking.

Levi and Nathaniel are so moved by the injustice that they enlist as part of the Iron Brigade, and Lyndel volunteers as a nurse, putting themselves at odds with their Amish community, even though they are fighting for what they believe in.

They face the dangers of war, with bravery and live out their faith no matter the circumstances.

Well written and researched read, packed with great details that bring the story to life. The beginning reminded me a lot of the first book in the series, but after that this book was drastically different.

I loved how Lyndel, Levi, and Nathaniel weren't content to just sit on the sidelines, but felt moved to contribute and fight for what they believed was right. It would have been easy for them to stay where they were, and have a good excuse but they truly believed that no man should ever be a slave, and they knew that God would be with them wherever they would go.

Overall a great Civil War novel full of adventure and valor.

I received this ebook from the publisher in return for an honest review. Thanks!

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