Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson ~ Review

Hattie Ever After (Hattie, #2)

My Review: The sequel to Kirby Larson's highly acclaimed Hattie Big Sky, delivers with another terrific coming of age tale of chasing dreams.

After losing her Montana farm Hattie moves to San Francisco to pursue her dream of being a reporter like her hero, Nellie Bly. But leaving for the big city means putting off her best friend, Charlie's marriage proposal. Will Hattie find a home for her heart in the big city?

It isn't everyday that I find a gem such as Hattie Ever After in the Young Adult section these days, with its strong, sensible, and sincere heroine. I have loved Hattie ever since I read Hattie Big Sky a few years, and she has remained one of my favorite, most memorable heroine throughout the last few years.

I loved how Hattie, had a strong sense of who she was, even as she was finding out, and becoming the person she would be--if that makes any sense! She always believed the best about others, and I greatly admired her spunk and grit.

While you may not have to read its prequel to enjoy this book, I would strongly recommend reading Hattie Big Sky before reading this book, because Hattie's references to the past will make more sense, and who would want to miss such a fabulous book!

Overall, this book was well written, with a well rounded heroine. I loved how Hattie had an honest faith in God, and how she was always remembering things that her aunt, or Perilee, Charlie or her other friends had said, I felt that it really gave me a sense of those she held dear to her heart, and I loved them because she did. Plus there was plenty going on, never a dull moment to slow my steady flipping of the pages. A fantastic book that I heartily recommend!

I received this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

NOTE: While this is not a Christian book I feel that because of the strong morals represented in this book as well as elements of faith, and the clean content, that this book is a great fit for this blog, as I think Christian readers would really enjoy it :)

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