My New Year's Post

Happy New Year.

Yes this is late.

No, I didn't pick a word for the year or make any resolutions. Does a resolution not to make any resolution count? If it does, well dang it I already broke it.

Last year was really great, I made new friends and sadly grew apart from old ones. I spent much of my fall and early winter as a sleep deprived zombie studying for mid-terms, finals, and then boards. I have been informed that second semester will be worse...many more boards. But, I will be graduating in May!

Many of my dear friends will be embarking on new journeys and life paths in 2015, getting married, engaged, and moving away from their hometown. It's sad, exciting, exhilarating, scary, and downright terrifying. On one hand I am ridiculously happy for my friends and their new adventures, yet sad that that our childhoods are at an end. Hey, this wouldn't be a New Year's post without some sentimental reflection...I'll be praying hard and cheering everyone on!

So how has 2014 treated me? Well, I completed 2 semesters of schooling at WITCC, which was challenging yet not overwhelming, honestly looking back I probably made things harder on myself than I had to, but I'm excited for my final semester. I also participated in 2 choirs, where we sang classical selections, as well as Disney themes, modern pop songs. I served as a SPARKS leader in AWANA for my eighth year--which is completely crazy! I still work part time at Cracker Barrel, cashiering is pretty low stress so I don't mind. I have made so many meaningful friends at work, and can honestly say that they are fantastic each and every one of them! During the summer I attended my cousin's wedding, and rode horses in the mountains, and went to a few county fairs. I also saw Josh Turner in concert and went to my first midnight movie on the day after finals.

I'm looking forward to 2015 and what it will hold. Since I already broke my resolution, I decided to go ahead and make a few more...I know my logic is just so...logical.

1. Pray more
2. Read my Bible more.
3. Cut down on TV
4. Make an effort to maintain a healthy circadian cycle

Things I'm looking forward to in 2015 are:

1. Graduating
2. My best friend's wedding!!!
3. My brother's graduation (same day as friend's wedding, hopefully it will work out)
4. Visiting the mountains again
5. Finding a job

I really don't know what next year will hold, but I'm excited to find out! God bless, and have a great new year!

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