Long Walk Home by DiAnn Mills ~ Review


An Arab Christian, an American doctor, and a rebel leader find their lives inextricably intertwined when a young woman with a bright future ahead of her is taken by the slave traders in the heart of Southern Sudan. 

The characters come alive in this thought provoking and compelling read, as we are introduced to the brave men and women who have never known anything other than war in the divided Sudan. This book does an excellent job of explaining the conflict for those not familiar with the plight of the Sudanese and the loss of a country who has lost so many generations to war.

Larson is an American doctor who has spent years working among the Sudanese people that she has come to love, battling fatigue and a sense of duty. She is passionate about serving the Sudanese, and is fiercely protective of her young assistant, Rachel, and her adopted son, Ayok. 

Ben Alier is a man educated in American who returned to his homeland  to fight alongside his people. He is devoted to fighting for peace with the SPLA (Sudanese People's Liberation Army) each death another scar on his hardened heart. He is headstrong and can be impulsive or calculated, feeding an anger that keeps him fighting. 

Arab Christian Paul Farid left his live of ease behind to bring much needed supplies  the people of Sudan. He wants to do so much more with what God has given him, wanting to be ready to answer the call whenever it comes, but his past makes him a man that few will trust. Paul is a man completely transformed by the Word of God, I loved uncovering his story as the plot unfolded. I loved how he treated people with grace because of the grace shown him.

An unforgettable read, that brings to life the conflicts of Sudan, and the sacrifices of the young in this poignant story of epic proportions. Well researched, with strong well developed characters that leap off the page. I liked how the author showed the gritty, grisly reality of a war-torn country with so much lost potential due to the ravages of war, yet amidst it all is hope. 

A must read, from bestselling author DiAnn Mills, this book brings together all of the best elements of her writing, compelling, heartbreaking, and suspenseful. A book you won't soon forget. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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