Another Gospel by Alisa Childers ~ Review


A lifelong Christian, Alisa Childers found herself facing tough questions that threatened to undermine her assurance in Christ, casting seeds of doubt. In this book she shares her experience, and how it sent her on a quest for concrete answers to feed her faith, and find answers to help others stand firm in Biblical truth amid the wave of Progressive Christianity. 

I've read other books on this topic, but of all of them this is my favorite, and most compelling. I liked how the author honestly shares the confusion and doubts that she was facing, thoroughly explaining the breakdowns in progressive /emergent theology and resoundingly answering with biblical truth, complete with references. Though written for the current climate, this book has a timelessness that comes with its affirmation of absolute truth. 

Overall, this is probably my non-fiction Christian must-read of the year, I completed this book and immediately started raving about how well done it was, and how relatable it is. The things that she talks about aren't foreign, in fact I have often myself struggled with how to respond to these more progressive claims that sound OK, but something just isn't quite right about it. I love how this book is firmly addresses what is in the Bible and the things that we know for sure as absolute truth about God, our feelings don't trump truth. We don't have to settle for hopeful agnosticism, but we can know for sure through God's Word. A must read for every Christian!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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