The Books of Marvella: Marvelous, Wonder, Awe, Glory by Travis Thrasher ~ Series Review

My Review:

This book series was perfect. And this book had the perfect bittersweet conclusion. 

I love how this series weaves a riveting, character driven thriller of a story, with genuinely relatable, flawed characters. Brandon is a teenaged everyman, who is so relatable even though his circumstances are not (at least to me personally). He has a wry, cheesy sense of humor, and he has a fierce determination to protect the ones he loves even at his own cost, he has his struggles but he wants to understand and to be better. 

There are so many well developed characters that leapt off the page for me, even the ones that don't get a lot of page time make their mark.  Marvella is so well done throughout the series, she is a beautiful dream girl, full of a radiant love for God and others, yet she has her pain and struggles too. 

Mr. Thrasher does an excellent job of dealing with the many difficult topics covered in this book, and realistically showing how spiritual warfare is waged and that there is true evil in the world. I loved that he wasn't afraid to have his characters ask those tough questions, and in turn struggle to accept the at times tough answers. 

There is so much that I want to say about this series but can't put into words. But I HIGHLY recommend it, and am so thankful that Mr. Thrasher took the time and money to continue The Books of Marvella. 

While this Glory does tie up the series, it leaves so many questions yet unanswered and I can't help but think that we have just scratched the surface of the evil at play in Appleton.

I bought this series with my own money. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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