An Amish Holiday Family by Jo Ann Brown ~ Review

Lucie's Review:

A community comes together to give three children a safe place to stay for the the holidays, but could this family of convenience become a permanent one?

A heartwarming tale of family and new beginnings just in time for Christmas. Beth Ann is a Mennonite midwife, she comes down to Evergreen Corners to help with the flood relief, she has a big heart for others, and I loved how she was willing to selflessly give. Robert Yoder has always been handy, so he also volunteers to help in the aftermath of the flood. I love how Robert is patient and takes time to teach the children new skills, he is thoughtful and kind, even though he fears that he would never make a good father. 

The children are very sweet and protective of each other, I Tommy is just adorable, and I like how Dougie looks out for his siblings. 

Overall, this was a heartwarming tale of an unlikely family. I loved getting to know all of the children and seeing Robert and Beth Ann work together as they grow in their friendship. A enjoyable read with a great sense of community. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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