Crazy busy

Sorry if I bored ya'll to death with all my talk of Teen Bible Quiz and all. But lately it hasn't been far from my mind. We have a little more than three weeks to prepare. And let me tell you something, Regionals isn't something that you can really prepare for. Every time I go to a big tournament I feel immediatly guilty for every second I spent doing something useless, like watching TV, and wish I had studied more. But that's life.

Recently we've been busy with homeschooling and church, (which includes AWANA & TBQ). The AWANA season is almost over and it's always hard when I have 2nd graders in my SPARKS group, because then the next year they move up with the big kids. *sigh* If only they would stay little forever. I remember my mother saying the same of me.

Right now we are in a frenzy trying to order all the awards for the little Sparkies, making sure we get them the right one and that they are finishing up their books like they're supposed to. I'm proud to say that all my Sparkies in my small group will be finishing. Yay!

Tonight I'm skipping 4-H because I'm not feeling my best, but hopefully I will be well by tomorrow so I can help out with AWANA. My brother is filling in for me as secretary, and he is not exactly thrilled with the prospect of having to take notes the entire meeting. But he's still excited about it, which is good.

It is so hot today. It was 76 degrees when I went out today on my paper route. But that's nothing compared with what's coming our way this Summer!


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