The Invasion of the Fingernail Snatchers!

Okay, yeah I used that cool and somewhat (Okay, alot) random headline to catch your attention. Sorry about that.

AWANA is almost over! I can't believe that we have only 2 more weeks of club! (We don't meet the week of Easter). Which means that Summer is fast approaching.

For me Summer doesn't mean no school, it actually means more school. You see, I'm homeschooled. I've noticed recently that "I'm homeschooled"  seems to be the answer to alot of questions people ask about why I do things. Strange. But if you're homeschooled I think you should know what I mean.

I've been working on a story recently, and I have found the best motivation ever! I have a really close friend who is also homeschooled and likes to write and read (she works in a library), and I let her read my stories and she lets me read her's. This system helps me because then I have deadlines; which she does enforce. She is a very impatient reader! She is always dying to know what happens next, so she gets even more impatient if I give her a rough draft that I purposely leave with a cliff hanger. I know this doesn't work for alot of people, but I does for me. I mostly just have big dreams anyway. But I would love to publish something sometime in my life, even if it's a vanity press published book, then I would have something to give to my kids and grandkids.

Right now I am reading "Tailor-Made Bride" by Karen Witemeyer, and loving every second of it!

As most of you know I am getting ready to compete in the regional TBQ finals. And studying is hard work! I am looking forward to seeing alot of my BQ friends at the meet. Being at a high level BQ final is actually one of the most fun, relaxing places to be, surprisingly. Mostly because there are so many Christ centered teens just like me, who spent 9 months of their year memorizing God's word. Not to mention how hard that is to do around a busy, teenage schedule!

I have 4 more rehearsals until the Sound of Music Concert! I have a solo in "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria." I'm sister Margareta. We get to sing and dance. 2 of my favorite things! Besides reading and writing, of course.

Well that's the update on my life since Tuesday. Over and Out!

More is coming!

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