Off to Regionals we go!

I just wanted to tell everyone that my BQ team made it to Regionals! We won State, and I won top individual quizzer and my brother won second! It was an amazing experience. Especially since I made it through, during the match I was coming down with a fever and I think our family is now officially sick. But I'm glad I stuck it out and made it through. My brother was amazing, he beat this girl who had been beating him all year and then at state he beat her! Which was kind of a shocker since she was the one who was the one I had to challenge for top quizzer. But she's happy with what she did and vows to annihilate both me and my brother next year! And you thought TBQ was tame! No, it's not, it's very competitive sport, with most of the competitors being homeschooled like me. Regionals will be a rough ride, it will be a struggle to place in the top ten out of twelve. Regionals is cutthroat! And yes, it is a Christian sport. No, everything is not perfect, some bad things happen sometimes that are not fair and well, it just is proof that people are only human. Even if we are Christians.

Right now I'm reading "Made to Order Family" by Ruth Logan Herne. I love it! can't wait to see what happens with Brook and Rita.


  1. Congrats and hope you do well in the next level too. Have a great weekend and hugs :O)

  2. Thanks, Diane!
    You're so sweet!


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