Inspired by fairy tales

I always loved fairy tales as a child. My mother would red, and re-read Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk, Beauty and the Beast, The Snow Queen, etc. to me every night. You name it I've probably heard it. (Though I had a strong dislike for Scandinavian fairy tales, which always seemed gruesome with somebody always cutting off some body part with out thinking twice). Fairy tales inspired me to write fiction, because that's what fairy tales were, made up stories. I loved writing my own fairy tales, where the princes and princesses were professional private eyes, or where a prince was in search of a princess but fell in love with and married a princess's lady-in-waiting instead. Most of all I liked the romance. How right after the two people met, they knew right off that they were right for each other, and would endure flaming trials together by each other's sides. What I liked most about fairy tales was that they were made up and I could create my own realm full of made up people. I even tried to rewrite a fairy tale. Here is an excerpt from  my attempt (which I have not picked up since I was 12), of Sleeping Beauty.

I slowly opened my sleep laden eyelids, blinking back the sudden brilliance of light that assaulted my sensitive eyes. I blinked again, and again, until finally the room came into focus. My room. The once lavender walls were now faded and covered in...dust? Surely I hadn't slept that-
    "Fair Maiden," I sat bolt upright, and whirled towards the voice. "Fair maiden, I have broken the evil enchantment that has entrapped you and your family for 100 years, I have fought wild beasts and angry peasants alike for the privilege of rescuing you and kissing your lips."
    He'd done what! Suddenly, I felt like spitting.
    I turned my attention to the speaker, he was about my age, probably tall, but I couldn't tell because of the fact that he was kneeling beside my bed. His mouth moved animatedly as he spoke, while the sunlight dance of his golden hair. Not only that but he was dressed head to toe in blue velvet. Definitely a prince.
    I tried and failed, to disentangle a cobweb from my mud brown hair, trying my best not to think about this velvet clad prince, kissing me. The thought made me shudder.
    I tried to rise but then decided not to when I saw the state of my dress, covered with more than 2 inches of dust, and bird droppings. I had the sudden urge to bathe-immediatly.

That's all folks!

P.S. Now I write Christian based stories.

P.P.S. I'm also reading "Beauty Sleep" by Cameron Dokey. 

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