Deepest Waters review.

I have just finished reading one of the best books I've read in awhile, so I decided to review it for you all.

The book Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh
book cover of 
The Deepest Waters 
Dan Walsh
In 1857 John and Laura Foster set sail on their dream honeymoon aboard the SS Vandervere. Suddenly a hurricane wrecks the steamship, and Laura is sent with the women and children onto the Cutlass, while John is left with the men on the fast sinking ship. Laura struggles to deal with possibly losing John, while John fights for his life along with about 100 men on the open sea, and dreams of seeing Laura's face again. Both grow spiritually, and form strong friendships along the way. Through this entire book Dan Walsh paints a beautiful picture of God's providence through everything, how God uses people and situations for our good, when we can't see it. Dan Walsh show us the beautiful moments in John and Laura's relationship, as they look back on these tender moments. The characters are all very real, and relateable Mr. Walsh has this way of making you genuinely feel for the characters and their plights. This book is engaging, romantic, with threads that cross in such a way as to weave the masterpiece that is this book.

I would highly recommend this book. I didn't think I'd like it at first, because I thought it would just be too sad to read. But I was surprised at how much I liked it, I'm not saying that you won't cry, because you might. But I think you will be surprised at how the characters grip you and steal your heart when you aren't looking.
Through the entire story Mr. Walsh shows how God can work through all sorts of tragedies for the good of those who love him. And the miracles of God's providence. The story was well written, and tugged at my heartstrings. This book was crafted with care, weaving in all the ends carefully. I really liked how Mr. Walsh used this book to show how God uses tragedies to bring other to him, and bless them, in spite of hardships.
I highly recommend this book. It took me by surpirise and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

*I got this book from my local library, and I didn't receive any thing for reviewing this book, I just really liked it and wanted to share my opinion with you!*

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