What is Bible Quizzing?

I told ya'll that I am getting ready for the regional final for TBQ. Well I think this might be awfully confusing for those of you who are not familiar with Bible Quiz. So I will try to explain what it is, though this post will will be in no way a complete, in depth walk through of the world of BQ. That would take my entire life. So I will just explain the bare bones basics so that ya'll can get a good idea of what goes on during a typical match, and why I love BQ.

First off Bible Quizzing scares alot of people. I was afraid of it at first too, until I joined. I sounds really hard, and watching it can just make your head spin. But if you've studied, it's really fun. If you don't study, it's still fun but not as much.

I quiz Assembly of God style, though my team and I are actually a non-Asssembly team. This year we are quizzing over the Gospel of John (NIV), all 21 chapters.

The Match
First off the match is opened with prayer. Then the match begins.
A team usually consists of 3-6 players and a coach. Only three of the quizzers can be in at once, but they can switched in out and out for other players during the length of the match.
In a match 2 teams face off.
There are ideally three or four judges, one of whom is the quiz master (the person who asks the questions), two judges who watch the quizzers and and the quiz master to make sure everything goes correctly. The fourth person usually keeps official score and/or keeps time if needed, (some quiz boxes [buzzer systems] don't have built in timers, but most do).
 Each active quizzer is equipped with a buzzer, that resembles the foot treadle of a sewing machine, with is hooked up to the quiz box.
Each team is assigned a color, either red or green, based on the color of the lights which illuminate when a quizzer buzzes in. Each active player is assigned a number to go along with the team color for that match. So for instance one player would be "Red 3," another on the same team "Red 2," and the third member of the same team "Red 1." The same being repeated with the other team, with them being the green team.
The match consists of 20 questions, and more if the game goes into overtime. There are 10 questions for 10 points each, 7 for 20, and, 3 for 30, from anywhere in the book of John. And the quizzer must buzz in, and then when the quizzer is acknowledged, the quizzer has exactly 30 seconds to give the correct answer.
Here are some sample questions to show you what the questions are like:

All questions start with opening remarks such as: Question. Question for 10 points from the section of John titled The Validity of Jesus' Testimony.

Then there is the actual question portion of the question: Which geographical location is found?

And the answer is: The Mount of Olives.

The questions for 20 & 30 points are much harder. There are different types of questions with different requirements, but I won't go into all that, if I did this post would be more like a book.

Here is an example of a Regional Level 30 point question. (They are easier or harder depending on the level of question, but 10 pointers tend to stay the same regardless of level).

Question. Question for 30 points. Quotation question (which means that the answer must be quoted word perfect from scripture). From four consecutive verses from the 3rd chapter. (Those were the opening remarks which are sometimes more important that the question). Quote verses 14,15,16 and 17 from the 3rd chapter.

And the answer is:

"Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up,

that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have eternal life.

For God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him."

And remember, that has to be quote perfect, according to the opening remarks. There are other questions which are called essence questions, where the quizzer only has to give the verses required in essence.
If one quizzer gets 5 questions right, then he/she "quizzes out" which means they have answered too many questions for that match and must sit the rest of the match out. The quizzer also receives 20 extra bonus points for quizzing out. All quizzers want to quiz out.

At the end of the match, the winner of the match is declared. And the teams shake hands and congratulate each other on a good match.

There are so many other things about Bible quiz that I have not even began to cover. But you can find out more by clicking here where you can download the rulebook for free and learn more about BQ.

I cannot speak for others but Bible quizzing has helped me so much, because of Bible quizzing I have grown spiritually because it motivates me to study my Bible more, and with studying comes a longing for more knowledge. Also it has taught me to stand up for God's word, and has helped me with public speaking. Not to mention the long term benefits of memorizing God's word! Those verses will be with me my whole life through. I cannot say enough good thing about BQ.

Next year we will be studying Hebrews and 1st and 2nd Peter. Great Apologetic stuff!

BQ is for all ages, there is peewee BQ, JBQ, TBQ and even Adult BQ. The best way to find out about BQ in your state is to look up the state's Assembly of God association, even if you are non-assembly (like me) they can help you set up BQ in your area. If you have questions about BQ post them in the comment section of this post, with an email address and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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