Writing and reading about love?

I don't write romance. Mostly because it hasn't happened to me enough for me to write about it. I haven't been a jilted prince either, but somehow that's easier than writing about love. Writing about love comes hard for me. I write about it in passing, as a side story, but it doesn't take center stage.

But I love to read about love! Give me eight Christian fiction romances and I'll be good for a week! But set me down and tell me that I have to write a romance, not just a story with romance in it, I'd be sulking around for the rest of my life(actually I wouldn't be, I'd just be giving it my best go at it!). I think that it mostly stems from me being a oldest child perfectionist, and I know that it isn't my strong suit. The story starts out good with a good plot etc. but I have noticed that alot of romances feed off of emotion. Raw emotion at romantic frustrations. I haven't experienced many romantic frustrations. Thank goodness for that! I can't ever seem to get the right emotions, or deep enough reactions. Nothing I write makes me want to sigh. *sigh* I just can't get the scenes quite right.

I think that's where writing what you know comes to play. I think writing what you know is very important, I like to write main characters who have horses. Which works great from me since I can honestly say that I know horses. I have one.

I can also (and do!) write about struggles with being faithful and following God. I struggle writing those scenes too, because I want them to be real and easy to relate to. Like in the short story I'm working on now, my MC is confused about God's will for kings because, why would God choose a tyrant king who oppresses the people? He struggles with God's will for his life. For the kingdom.

I guess this post is mainly me rambling randomly about my writing struggles. So over and out!

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