So begins the hard work

The problem with qualifying for Regionals with TBQ is that now I have to study alot more. And sad to say I have actually been doing less! It's so hard to find the time. But I think I'll put more effort into it.

I'm reading "Plain Proposal" by Beth Wiseman. I love her Amish books!

I watched the ACM's last night. I wasn't impressed with the humor at all, but I was so happy that Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year. I voted for her. I was sad that Dierks Bentley didn't go home with anything. I really liked his Bluegrass CD.

My best friend works at a library. Just thought I'd share that random, but awesome information.

 I love libraries. All the Librarians know my name.

My story is coming along! Yay! He isn't lost in the woods anymore!

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