A choir of 4

Today at choir there were only 4 girls. Counting me. So nearly everyone had to sing a solo. Including me.

There are usually 8 girls and today there were 4. Yes, we were small already, but today we were smaller.
The cause of this strange disappearance of choir girls seems to be stemming from a serious case of stomach flu going around. I haven't caught it yet, but I may be next. Hopefully not until after this weekend, which is the state TBQ tournament. And as you may have already known I have to be there. Well, I don't have to be, I just really, really want to be.

I have been reading "By Darkness Hid," by Jill Williamson. I'll tell ya'll what I think of it when I get farther in to the book; but so far, so good.

I have entered a competition for Christian teen writers and the result will be released this week. I hope I get an honorable mention and get posted on the competition website. But it was a learning experience. The hardest part was making sure that the story didn't go over the 800 word limit. Which is kinda crazy for a wordy person like me. But I did enter, though I think the ending was predictable and could have been longer. The problems with limiting the number of words to a mere 800.

(Dramatic sigh).

Well, I guess that's all there is for today folks!

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