Geocaching and other adventures.

Today, I went geocaching for the first time with my 4-H club. It was fun finding the small containers and signing my name in the journal. It was also cold. Very, very cold. And wet. But, still an amazing experience. It's hard to believe that people hide these little things all over the place and we don't even know that one could be hiding in the fence or hanging from a tree, or under a bush. But a very cool, active activity. If you can describe an activity by saying it is active.

Last night at AWANA was crazy, in a good way but still crazy. A kid fell down and hurt himself in a really weird way, he's fine but still probably uncomfortable. I really can't say over the Internet.

We are raising money for AWANA clubs in other countries, so they can start their own clubs there. Which I hope we can do! We are one-quarter of the way to our goal, with one week of fundraising left.

My brother is testing for his third degree black belt Saturday, which he is so excited about. So am I! He takes his job as my brother very seriously and scares away creepy guys at the mall who try to hit on me. He likes telling people about his black belt in Tae kwon do. He was an AAU National champion a few years back.

Right now I'm reading, "Waiting out the Storm," by Ruth Logan Herne. Next on my list is "By Darkness Hid," by Jill Williamson. I have to read it before my brother finds out that it isn't a girl book!

We have some good friends going through hard times. When things like that happen, it's like Why? I can't really say what is going on, but it is so hard. And I am continually amazed at their faith. Even though they admit that this has been a struggle for them. Just thinking about the situation I want to cry. Makes me realize how blessed I am. And it hurts so much to see people you know go through hard times. I pray for them around the clock. I'm praying for a miracle.


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