Let the Olympic games begin!

Hi, I bet you have noticed that I talk a lot about AWANA. That's probably because I love it and that's where I really started understand the Bible, and what Jesus did for me. Yes, for an awful person like me. So when I was old enough I started helping out with the SPARKS program at our church. And I love being able to help children learn more about God, and encourage them to hide God's word in their hearts.

Well, anyway this Saturday is the AWANA Olympics and I can't wait to see all the kids doing their best and engaging in good Christian competition. I have always been a fan of the games as a kid who was athletic, but never got pick for dodge ball or capture the flag games, these games were the times when I got to be included and encourage others. Something about it made me feel closer to the other kids if only for a month or so. I have so many fond memories of the games. So tomorrow, I will be there cheering on the Sparks. And the TNT. Most of them ex-Sparks.

My brother is assistant coaching this year. He is so proud of those kids. Not to mention how much they love him, he's just like this cool older kid who will play with them and he just has this coolness about him. He is so excited to see the kids he helped coach, do their very best. I will probably be helping with the judging or something.

The youth group will use this opportunity to fund raise by selling snacks to the spectators, kids and their parents. Mostly to the parents who have to pay. They will be going on something called B.U.M.P. this year. And many of the teens can work at the youth group's fund raisers to earn their way, which is really nice.

I have been trying to write some through all of this craziness going on in my life, but I guess sometimes the words don't come. Like now.

Their has been some stuff going on, divisions and the like, rumors are a' flying. That stuff is draining but there is hope that these things will be figured out. Hopefully soon.

I have been watching a very dramatic mini-series lately about this huge family feud, and how forgiveness and love can help to heal families like that. Though it wasn't a Christian drama, there was a lot of scripture quoted and read that was so meaning full and poignant, because they were deep passages that weren't just lightweight, I guess is how you would say it. Though I did watch it with a filter. I heard that it had some pretty bad scenes that I didn't really see. But the whole time I was thinking that they could have solved their problems faster than 60 years! With just a little less tradition, and a heap more understanding and forgiveness it would have been over in the first episode. But then there would be no drama!

So wish our team the best, and every other team the best as well!

Let the games begin!

Sorry if the randomness of this blog confused or lost you in anyway. I didn't mean to. I'm kinda hard to follow, so I apologize.

Thanks so much! Over and out!

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