God is fair.

Today is Thursday.
Things will be awkward today I will not lie. Sometimes things are hard like that. Even though I'm quiet I tend to speak up when things are said that bother me. My views are diffferent; no they aren't perfect, but I defend them. I'm worrying again. I do that too much. It's a sin.
The thing is I attend a Bible Study, which all I will say is that I have to take the lessons with grain of salt. Last week's topic was, "Is God Fair?"
The lesson said, "No."
I said, "Yes."
Now to some people that might be confusing, so I will explain  my logic. The world is not fair. Life is not fair. God allows bad things to happen. But why do we think that things being fair is good? I don't think that anyone (besides folk who do), think being fair is a bad thing. People want that.
But life isn't fair. Well, it was corrupted by sin, as it says in Genesis when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, and brought sin into the world. But God wasn't corrupted by sin. Sin holds no power over Him. He is greater. God is all fairness, perfect and beautiful fairness. So I believe that God is fair. Things that are not  fair are the devil's handiwork.
Yes, I know that if things were fair, we'd all end up in hell. But because of God's mercy we are saved if we believe in His name. And I believe it with all my heart. I don't know how God works it out, but He does in His perfect way that is too hard for our limited minds to understand. Like, how predestination and free will work. They work together perfectly in a non-contradictory way that we just don't understand well at all.
God is the very meaning of fairness. Yes, the world is corrupted and it is falling apart and totally unfair. But the world is also full of sin. But I believe that the reason we humans strive for equalness and fairness is because it is one of God's attributes. One of His standards, that we will never reach, yet we strive for it.
So I guess the reason I was mad when the Bible study taught that God was not fair, was because it struck me as discounting God's perfectness. If you say that God is unfair, then it's like saying He's not perfect. Actually it is saying that He's not perfect. And that's wrong. Because if God weren't perfect the hope that we have would be in vain. Worthless.
The agrument that the Bible study made was that if God were fair, we would all me in hell and that striving for right and wrong, and justice, was a horribly sinful thing to do. Because they were trying to say that it discounted God's mercy. I believe that God is merciful and fair. And I thought that the text that was used was out of context and misused. Alot of the argument didn't seem to fit with the Bible, or be out of context. So I was very disturbed. I still am. I am in no way discounting God's unending mercy; I'm indebted to it. But I believe that God is much bigger than man's ideas and theories and divinely perfect in every way.

I also want to say that in no way am I trying to disrespect the Bible study teacher, that person is entitled to think the way that they want. I highly respect the Bible study teacher, I have learned much in that teacher's class. But sometimes, like now, I disagree.

I guess I just wanted to have my say. And I think I did. Thanks.

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