I guess being president would be harder...

Being a 4-H secretary was not my first choice. I was nominated...by my brother. Sometimes it seems like recording minutes is tiresome, especially when everything is happening around you and by the time it happened and you have recorded it, the discussion is over. We are a small club, we don't discuss much. To those of you who aren't 4-Her's or ex-4-Her's, it is amazing how fast the meeting actually goes. Half an hour tops. I am again, here the night before the monthly meeting, wracking my brain for the subject of tomorrow's roll call. To many of you it might seem weird that a role call needs a subject, it's just mainly taking attendance, but instead of merely asking for their name and for them to admit that they are indeed present, I have to make up a question to ask them. A question such as, "What is your favorite thing to eat?" or "What do you enjoy doing for the holidays?" But I have asked so many of the generic questions that lately I have resorted to, "What is your favorite kind of pie?" Which didn't go so well since we don't live in a pie eating state. Kids don't eat pie here. They give you a blank stare and say, "I don't know, but I like chocolate cake."
So as you can imagine the well is running dry. I could ask harder questions, but sometimes those blindside the younger kids which are as young as Kindergarten, and well, I don't want to confuse them. Like, for example one night my question was, "In what 3 ways has 4-H enriched your life?" In my defense that question was in the suggestion pamphlet for what questions to ask for 4-H roll call. Let's just say that it didn't go so well and I changed the question to, "What is your favorite kind of ice cream?" Any ideas would be much appreciated.
As for my writing, I had a great night last night writing more than usual, because the scenes were just coming to me. I have a good friend, who helps me when I get stuck. She is a God-send.


  1. Favorite 4-H project
    What do you want to be when you grow up
    Favorite superhero
    Favorite Disney Cartoon Movie
    Favorite Muppet
    Favorite subject in school
    Favorite sport
    What's your favorite TV show
    Make it seasonal....
    Favorite kind of Easter candy
    Favorite thing to do on the 4th of July
    Favorite kind of Christmas candy (this could fill up about 1/4 of the months)
    Favorite kind of pet that can live in the house


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